Hoxx VPN Proxy: Can High-Quality Services Be Free?

The popularity of VPN services is growing by the day. People from all over the world look for some privacy for their online activities. They also want to protect their personal information from getting into the wrong hands. Well, one of the solutions in this situation is to install Hoxx VPN Proxy. Let’s learn more about the extension in this Hoxx VPN review. We’ll briefly discuss the features, possibilities, and pricing.

A general impression

Hoxx VPN Proxy was developed in Florida to help users bypass restrictions and encrypt their Internet connections. Nowadays, Hoxx VPN Proxy has over 700 thousand users on Chrome. One can easily install the extension from the Chrome Online Store.

The extension is lightweight and requires only 2.88 MB space. With almost 25 thousand reviews, the average rating is 4.9. It speaks volumes about the quality of services.

The provider offers:

  • Servers all around the world;
  • No bandwidth restrictions;
  • Bypassing government censorship;
  • Free services forever.

Using this extension, one can get Internet security, privacy, and protection of Wi-Fi connections free of charge. Using free Wi-Fi spots is risky, but Hoxx VPN promises 100% safety.

Dedicated software

Aside from the extension, the company offers downloadable software. It delivers the same features but works regardless of the browser you use.

The advantages offered by the provider in this case include:

  • Online privacy. The sites you visit won’t be able to access your personal information;
  • Changing one’s location. You can visit any site by changing your IP address;
  • Reliable encryption. The developer encrypts all communications;
  • Minimal settings. Even beginners will quickly learn to use the program;
  • Premium support. Customer support efficiently and fast resolves all sorts of issues;
  • Fast and secure connection. There is no need to sacrifice the speed for secure connection;
  • Affordable prices. Choose the most budget-friendly option.

Now the question appears. If the extension is free (according to the developer’s ad in the Chrome Market), what does the lowest price on the official site mean?

It turns out that there are two versions. A free edition has some main features and good protection. It has no hidden fees or pressure to upgrade.

However, users may upgrade for a better version and more services. The prices start from $2 per month and deliver better speed as well as more advanced encryption. One can share it on several household devices, which can come in handy.


The company has been on the market since 2014. So far, they have delivered services to over seven million clients worldwide. They chose this provider because of access to servers in over 50 countries, the lack of limits, and high speeds.

Hoxx VPN also promises to prevent tracking by filtering malicious ads, cookies, etc. The company also has a clear refund policy that allows users to cancel the subscription and receive their money back within the first seven days of using the software. It means you don’t risk much.