McAfee Vs Avast: Main Features of Every Program

McAfee is a reliable defense against cyber-attacks. It was created to provide comprehensive protection in case of any security threats appear. McAfee provides basic and modern protection against malware. As for Avast, it’s security features are also advanced. It provides additional utilities that guarantee better security and protection. Both McAfee and Avast are reliable when it comes to malware protection.

McAfee main features

This is antivirus, anti-malware protection, and special technology, which will help to remotely lock the device and calculate its location in case of loss or theft. The function starts automatically, and the device takes a photo after it detects multiple unlocking attempts, re-entering an incorrect PIN code, or inserting an unsafe SIM card. The intruder’s photo and data on where the device is located will be sent to the user by email.

If to look on the results of McAfee LiveSafe testing by an independent laboratory, in particular it gives almost 100% protection against zero-day virus attacks.

McAfee LiveSafe is a good choice for those who use multiple devices at the same time or want to install reliable antivirus on all appliances at home. The service is issued as a subscription for a year, and installation on an unlimited number of devices requires only one license key and one registration. Thus, computers, laptops, smartphones, and tablets belonging to all family members will receive protection from viruses, malware, and spam. The capabilities of data protection in the cloud and a convenient storage system for logins and passwords give the users additional options.

Avast main features

What can Avast Antivirus Free offer users? There are a lot of opportunities. And now are the most interesting features. Avast antivirus features are as follows:

  • File system screen. Provides complete protection of user files and can monitor threats in real-time. Constantly scans files for malicious objects and provided high-quality protection from any attacks;
  • Web screen. Constantly scans the sites you visit. If they have malicious elements, then the antivirus blocks access to the page and gives notification. As a rule, mistakes do not happen. The shield counteracts identity theft by phishing sites;
  • Mail screen. Quickly and painlessly checks all incoming mail for viruses and suspicious executable files. It works very fast. Its functioning takes place in the background and is almost imperceptible;
  • Software Updater. A tool that checks the relevance of programs installed on the computer and recommends updating them. It cannot be engaged in updating itself;
  • Password store. Stores all logins and passwords used to enter various sites. Access to the storage is protected by a master password. It also needs to be entered when trying to enter sites;
  • Game Mode. A very useful option that reduces the consumption of resources by the antivirus to a minimum if any game is running. It’s able to turn on and turn off automatically.

The choice of antivirus is rather an individual task, and it’s quite easy to make it if to take into consideration simple tips.

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