A Solution to Bitdefender Threat Scanner Error

In case you have recently started to receive error messages from Bitdefender when starting your device, you aren’t alone. It’s a common problem many users faced this month. As a rule, you’ll see a small notification that says a problem has occurred in Bitdefender Threat Scanner.

Many of those who use Bitdefender Free got it. Yet, it was also reported that some premium users received the message, too. Let’s learn more about the problem as well as several ways out.

What does this error mean?

To cut the long story short, users get a message about the problem with the DMP file. The instruction offers to send the file to the developer. However, communicating with customer support takes time and often requires more effort than fixing the situation oneself.

Possible solutions:

  • Apply the patch;
  • Fix the corrupted files;
  • Reinstall the software.

While there are many ways to deal with the situation, we’ll focus on these three possibilities.

The simplest way out

Since the developer already knows about this widespread issue, it took the situation seriously. It investigated it and presented the solution. The company released a patch that fixes the problem. Keep in mind that the files are different for 32-bit and 64-bit OS. Check this information if you don’t know or get the right file now from the official website. The file is lightweight and easy to use.

There is no reason to be worried about the file. It’s completely safe and virus-free. Run the file after the download, and the error message is likely to disappear.

An alternative method

In case the problem stays, you can try to fix the corrupted files. If you read the error notification attentively, you’ll see that the problem is that one of the files is corrupted. Once you fix it, the error disappears, too.

Replace the problematic file with the correct one. It might be somewhat confusing for inexperienced users. That’s why it’s better to opt for the first method or take drastic measures.

Final solution

In case the first two methods didn’t work for you, there’s one more method left. Users can uninstall the software and install it from scratch. When choosing this solution, one should probably use a reliable software removal tool. It’ll erase all the traces and prepare the PC for the new antivirus. The developer has dedicated software one may get from the official store.

In this case, you should also remember that the device without antivirus is left vulnerable. Avoid any other actions until you reinstall the program. It’ll prevent malware and viruses from getting to your device and data.


Now you know that the problem with Bitdefender Threat Scanner is a widespread one. There is no reason to panic because the developer took care of things. In case you face this problem, you can choose one of the methods we’ve described above. Choose the option you find to be the simplest and stick to the instructions for a smooth procedure.

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