The Advantages of Using VPN and Which One to Choose

Several years ago people were much less aware of what they share when going online. It turns out lots of personal information is shared and it may be stolen. In light of recent events, people thrive for anonymity when going on the Internet. A VPN is able to protect your online activity as well as privacy. Choosing a provider may seem complicated. There are several reliable options though. Get ExpressVPN and surf the Internet without any worries.

Some reasons to install ExpressVPN

First of all, you must realize that a VPN means a Virtual Private Network. Every time you visit a website, the server you are connected to will mask your IP address and encrypt the data. These measures deliver plenty of advantages including:

  • High level of security. Even if the third-party source manages to hack into the VPN’s servers, they won’t get the information. Just the encrypted code. Moreover, the providers who have a no-log policy don’t track or store your online activities leaving no traces. You can also be more confident about using public Wi-Fi spots since VPN will protect your PC or smartphone.
  • Business perks. In case you own a business, you can gain remote control using a VPN. It’s a great way for freelancers and employees who stayed at home to exchange the data with the main office without any leaks.
  • Complete anonymity. You have to remember that by sharing your IP, you actually share much more. This data can lead to your actual location, home address, full name, etc. Hiding this piece of data behind the server’s IP is a very convenient way out.
  • The absence of restrictions due to location. You may have noticed that some content is blocked in your region and some websites simply won’t open. By substituting your IP using the servers in the right country, you can easily unlock the needed content. This feature grants access to streaming apps like Netflix, Hulu, etc. It’s also possible to install it on Kodi.

True facts about ExpressVPN

When choosing ExpressVPN, you are sure to be satisfied. It’s the leader in most categories providing you with total safety during online browsing.

The software has a kill switch. It means that if the connection is interrupted for some reason, it’ll end the session right before the personal information is shared.

This is also a great option for torrenting. You can exchange file using the most reliable protocols and high speeds.

ExpressVPN is known to unlock Netflix, Hulu, and other streaming apps that are limited geographically.

The software has a user-friendly simple interface that even beginners will easily navigate. Just press on the button and you are connected to the fastest server. In addition, you can pick a server in the country you need at the bottom. This provider offers over 3200 servers in 90+ countries.

This company has developed apps for various platforms including Windows, Mac OS, iOS, and Android. It’s also very easy to use one account to cover several devices which is very convenient and much cheaper.

The price is just above the average making it a bit higher than most competitors have, but the number of features, as well as their quality, are better, too. When you are short on money, you can try its free extension but mind that it’s very limited.

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