Is It Safe to Use VyprVPN?

VyprVPN is a popular VPN provider based in Switzerland. It has had some ups and dows proving the users with lots of benefits. However, there are some issues which have clearly become disadvantages. Let’s go over the main pros and cons in order to define whether you should use this software.

The strong sides and advantages this VPN has to offer

First of all, your privacy is secure. It has publicly audited no-log policy. You can use over 700 servers which are located in 70+ countries. While the number of servers is not that big, the spread-out is great. You’ll be able to access any restricted content changing the IP address. VyprVPN also proudly states that it operates without any third-party help.

You can easily install this software on platforms like Windows, Mac OS, Android, iOS, etc. It’s also compatible with routers, Blackphone, QNAP, Anonabox, and Smart TVs. Just visit an official website and get some tutorials on how to install in all sorts of devices.

The company also has a live support chat. You can solve any occurring issues right there. It works 24/7/365 and will help you set it up smoothly.

Probably the biggest advantage is that VyprVPN can unlock Netflix. Not many companies manage to offer this. In fact, this is the only VPN provider that has so many servers that can access this streaming app. It can also bypass the restrictions and unlock BBC’s iPlayer, US YouTube, etc.

Finally, zero-knowledge DNS service, a customized Chameleon protocol, and other perks make it a decent VPN. The company claims to have made some major improvements and increase the speeds on some servers.

The disadvantages you can’t neglect

Before you sign up, you need to realize that not everything is perfect. This software has some issues that might be annoying and disappointing at times. When you think of all drawbacks, the biggest one is that there is no Money Back Guarantee.

It’s also pretty hard to find the information you need on the website’s articles. In order to solve some problems or fix the issues, you have to turn to live chat over and over again.

There are also some glitches on Windows-running devices. Hopefully, the company will take care of those and deliver a better quality of service to the clients.

It’s a bit pricey and cost about $5 per month if you get the annual plan. Monthly fee otherwise will cost you almost $13.

VyprVPN vs other VPN providers

With its numerous pros and cons, it can still compete with such leaders on the market as ExpressVPN, IPVanish, NordVPN, etc.

VyprVPN works on numerous systems and devices just like the top choices. Although it’s not the cheapest (this will be NordVPN), the price is great considering it unlocks Netflix.

The company devotes lots of resources to focus on performance and security. That’s why it’s a great choice to protect your privacy when going online.

Compared to the leader, this provider delivers only 4 simultaneous connections. If you have more devices that need a VPN, VyprVPN won’t be your best option.

The verdict

VyprVPN is a decent VPN if you need excellent security and access to streaming apps like Netflix. It has some place for improvement though. The speed is cut down about 24% which is not the worst result but still a lot. However, it offers some great features and reasonable pricing policy.



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