Is it Legal to Hide Your Data on the WEB in the US?

We are experiencing one of the decisive moments in the history of mankind, which has a huge number of conflicting versions of the future. And the future is not carved out of stone, its outlines are constantly changing as a result of the intersection of megatrends, the actions of key actors, and, most importantly, the influence of the human factor. Our goal is to encourage decision-makers, regardless of their government or political party affiliation, to think long-term planning so as to avoid the risk of an unfavorable future, in order to increase the chances of positive developments. So is it legal to hide your data on the Web in the US?

The Influence of Expansion of Rights and Freedoms on Your Data

Over the next 15-20 years, citizens’ influence will increase significantly by reducing the number of the poorest and most excluded members of society, while the world middle class grows. The level of education and medical services will increase. The rise of the middle class marks a structural shift: the vast majority of the world’s population will not live in poverty; the middle class will become the most important social and economic actor in more countries. The increasing influence of civil society is the most important megatrend as it is both a cause and a consequence of virtually all other megatrends, including the expanding global economy, the rapid growth of developing countries, and the ubiquitous use of new technologies in communications and manufacturing.

Extrapolations of megatrends indicate only that the virtual data rooms will change by 2030, however, changes may be diametrically opposite scenarios:

  1. There are six key game-changing factors affecting the development of the world in 2030. 
  2. These are the problems of the world economy, management issues, conflict potential, regional instability, high technologies, and the role of the United States. 
  3. There are several potential black swans, as discrete events are called, that could trigger a large-scale recession. Even two of them – a democratic China or a reformed Iran – will have negative consequences.

Is There Any Permission to Hide Your Data on the Web in the Us?

There is no permission to hide your data on the Web in the US. Information transmission systems have evolved from specialized systems that allow, using special protocols, to connect its remote terminals to a central computer to distributed high-performance networks that use a wide variety of but standard technologies and information transfer protocols to connect users. By their purpose, these were public networks or corporate networks. The culmination of the development of public networks was the Internet.

The exchange of information through communication channels in collective multi-user systems, in turn, required the solution of the problem of ensuring the protection of information from unauthorized access. This stimulated the development of cryptographic techniques. In the 70s, mankind adopted open standards for information encryption, which was the only possible solution to the problem of ensuring information security in large information systems.

Many large companies have long relied on electronic commerce (or e-commerce) for their business transactions. Electronic data interchange (EDI) over private computer networks began in the 1960s. At almost the same time, banks began to successfully use telecommunications networks for electronic funds transfer (EFT). The development of the previously listed technologies took place in different ways and at different rates. At the same time, it had common features reflecting trends common to all technologies.

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