Here’s Why You Need AVG VPN

You are sure to have heard about AVG. This is a very popular antivirus program. Recently, however, the company has extended its reach towards VPN services. Now you can add an extra layer of protection to your online activities by hiding your IP address and staying anonymous. Let’s discuss why every user should start using VPN and why AVG can be the best choice.

The advantages of using a VPN during online browsing

The technology of a Virtual Private Network was designed especially to help people protect their privacy and personal information when going online. Moreover, there are some other advantages to it. They include:

  • Data encryption. Another layer of safety is added by encrypting the outgoing data. In case of a leak, the hacker still won’t get the information.
  • A VPN has tons of advantages for businesses. One of them is the remote control. The network allows users to access the data from any other place which works great for freelancers, people who work from home or during the unexpected events.
  • Businesses also benefit from file sharing which is possible with a VPN. It can come in handy and help protect valuable information.
  • Enhanced anonymity. Depending on the VPN, your IP will be either hidden or replaced by another one. You can access and websites and apps staying absolutely anonymous.
  • There will be no more restrictions based on your location. Just access the website through the server from a certain country. This feature helps unblock streaming apps, download torrents, shop in online foreign stores, etc.

What does AVG have to offer?

While you clearly see now why everyone should start using VPN, the next important step will be choosing a reliable provider of this service. Let’s see what AVG offers to users from all over the world.

First of all, the company guarantees a secure connection which will be leak and virus-free at all times. You can get a 30-day free trial version to test the possibilities of the software and make up your mind. This is a great way to see if it works for your needs.

When you get an annual plan, you’ll also be able to benefit from 24/7 support team. The customer support will efficiently solve any occurring issues and answer all your questions about the software.

The company is focused on antiviruses market that’s why there is no wonder this software also protects you from all sorts of viruses using Virustotal Scan.

So far, its reputation as a leak-free provider has stayed intact. The encryption and private connection are sure to please every user.

Another great advantage of this VPN service is the user-friendly interface. The app is extremely simple and even inexperienced user can control it. At the top, there is a button on/off. Clicking on it, the software will automatically connect you to the fastest server. In case you need to use the server from a certain country, you can pick it from the list of options below. Just click on Change Location.

The disadvantages of AVG VPN

The company, however, has several big issues that need to be improved. The disadvantages include:

  • Slow speeds which are cut down to 50% only.
  • Only 2 protocol options.
  • A streaming app like Netflix cannot be unblocked.

That’s why, if you are looking for a VPN provider that can help you access Netflix, you shouldn’t pick this company. It has also some suspicious log files which compromise its trust.



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